Are you a VIP?

We think you are! Introducing myB Perks; your access to exclusivity.

We think that your workplace should be rewarding - that is why we're excited to offer the myB Perks program, exclusively to tenants of our buildings.

With myB Perks, you will have access to a curated selection of highly valuable offers from our top brands and retailers.

How to Redeem a Perk

Open up your myB Tenant App with your morning coffee to see what is in store.

Select the Retail button in the app to access the retail page. This button looks just like a shopping cart!

Press the Perks button at the top of your screen and peruse the exclusive, timely, convenient Perks curated for you, the VIP.

Find the perfect Perk and pay right in the app!

Sit back and enjoy the special treatment since you’re always a VIP with myB Perks.

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